Loading solutions

Our innovative loading and unloading solutions significantly reduce your operation time and increase the safety of your employees. The goods are efficiently moved to and from the transport vehicles by the help of rollers and skates which are automatically or manually operated.

    Indus Neva for handling solid products in big bags

    Indus Neva

    The Indus Neva Lockhead is the ultimate big bag handling solution for companies looking to streamline their logistics and storage processes. Its versatile design enables it to handle full big bags and stack them up to 7 meters/6 tons with ease, while ensuring safe and efficient shipment and storage.

    With the Indus Neva Lockhead, you can enjoy a range of functionalities including bottom deck discharging, filling, and storage of full big bags. This makes it an all-in-one solution that can cater to a variety of business needs.

    The pole height of the Indus Neva Lockhead is adjustable, based on the height of the big bag and the length of the lifting loops. Additionally, it is recommended that the width and depth of the big bag be between 95×95-105×105 for an optimal fit.

    One of the key advantages of the Indus Neva Lockhead over other versions is its lock mechanism. Unlike the ‘spring’ versions, the lock can easily be slid up when a full big bag is placed in the system. This makes it easier to detach the lifting loops from the pole’s head. However, it should be noted that the lockhead does not lift the big bag during the final stages of emptying.

    Indus Neva for handling solid products in big bagsIndus Neva

    The Indus Neva makes it easy to transport big bags through the warehouse and into trucks using your own equipment.

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    Automated loading systems

    Automated loading systems

    Automatic loading and unloading systems are built to speed up the standard working processes that happen in every production and warehousing location. The range consists of special roller, chain, profile and skate systems that speed up the shuttle operations to reduce the number of the required trucks. Laser beams ensure that the right quantity of goods is being loaded, while supplementary equipment fixes the trucks in the right loading position.

    With no forklift trucks and a small number of trailers coming for loading, the loading bay area is free from traffic and becomes a safer working place for the operators. The safety features extend also to the goods, as the system reduces the damage probability on load and on the trucks interiors.

    In terms of time, the automated loading solutions eliminate delayed deliveries and increase truck and container turnaround rates. No time is wasted as the goods can be immediately loaded as soon as the truck arrives. For high volume of goods and small distance shipping between the same locations, it allows a high number of trips per day.

    Our flexible system eliminates or greatly limits the use of forklifts and reduces the cost of their upkeep. Such an effortless truck loading reduces the necessary space for the loading and unloading operation as well.

    Moving floorsMoving floors

    The moving floor is a heavy-duty conveyor belt system that automatically moves the cargo from the dock to the trailer at once.

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    Slip chain and roller tracksSlip chain and roller tracks

    Slipchain pallet loading solutions can transfer palletized loads (of up to 30 tons) from the dock to the trailer in just 90 seconds.

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    Retractable skatesRetractable skates

    Retractable skates are designed to optimize the loading process of the companies that have high volume logistics shuttle cases with a medium to large fleet of dedicated trailers.

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    Manual loading systems

    Semi automatic loading

    Manually operated loading and unloading systems are reliable and cost-effective solutions that optimize the entire logistic flow. These help companies to quickly free up the production and storage space and safely transfer the freight in and out from the transport vehicles.

    One of the concepts is using roller beds and skates that are embedded into modular platforms which are then mounted on top of the vehicles or warehouse floor. The system allows the goods to be loaded without the need for a forklift or pallet truck to enter the cargo space. No special floor is required other than a straight one.

    The second concept is based on individual skids that are insertable in containers when these ones need to be loaded or unloaded. These skates run on a galvanised steel track, which is placed both on a loading platform and onto the container floor. The skates, elevated by a hydraulic pump, lift the load from the platform or container deck, allowing the operator to push or pull the load.

    Both concepts offer easy access inside the vehicles, maximum space usage and a great mobility. These manual solutions are suitable for loading and unloading pallets, paper reels, goods placed on slip sheets as well as large and heavy equipment.

    Modular roller beds for vehiclesModular roller beds for vehicles

    The modular roller beds concept consists of aluminum floor pieces that can be joined together to achieve a platform.

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    Modular roller beds for warehousesModular roller beds for warehouses

    Modular roller beds for warehouses and factories help companies to speed up their freight transfer and optimize the loading and unloading processes.

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    Embedded rails and skatesEmbedded rails and skates

    Rails and manually operated skates are a stable and cost-effective alternative to an automatic loading system.

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    Very heavy loadRemovable rails and skates for containers

    For an increased flexibility, we can provide you modular removable rails as well.

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    Sea container lifting equipment

    Sea container lifting equipment

    Loading long, wide or heavy goods into a container on the ground requires heavy-duty elevating equipment and efficient transport methods. A forklift can move these challenging loads, but the method alone can often waste too much time and resources.

    Our equipment can safely and easily lift sea containers with a weight of up to 35 tonnes and is being handled by only one operator and a 1 ton fork lift. This is comprising 4 jacks that are fixed to the container corners and on the ground.

    Sea container lifting equipmentSea container lifting equipment

    Our equipment can safely and easily lift sea containers with a weight of up to 35 tonnes and is being handled by only one operator and a 1 ton fork lift.

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Together with our partner Joloda Hydraroll, world leader in automated and manual loading solutions, we adapt this technology to the specifics and the needs of each company. The equipment is highly suitable to be installed and used in warehouses, trailers, trucks and containers.

The range of loading solutions is complemented by equipment that is lifting sea containers from the trailer platform. This decreases the number of necessary operators as well as their workload. All systems offer maximum space utilization and eliminate the product and vehicle damages.

We provide you a full support in choosing the right solution to your loading problems and ensure a professional installing of the system as well as training for the operators, service and maintenance.