Sea container lifting equipment

Product information

Loading long, wide or heavy goods into a container on the ground requires heavy-duty elevating equipment and efficient transport methods. A forklift can move these challenging loads, but the method alone can often waste too much time and resources.

Our equipment can safely and easily lift sea containers with a weight of up to 35 tonnes and is being handled by only one operator and a 1 ton fork lift. This is comprising 4 jacks that are fixed to the container corners and on the ground.

Their extendable mechanism lifts the container and allows the driver to move away his trailer together with its platform that is underneath the container. Then the container is brought to the ground to be loaded.

Once the loading is finished, the reverse operation is being performed and the container is back on the trailer and ready to transit. Thus the system offers a greater control on the loading, a faster loading process and increased security for the people and the cargo.