Moving floors

Product information

The moving floor is a heavy-duty conveyor belt system that automatically moves the cargo from the dock to the trailer at once. The trailer is equipped with a 180-degree slat conveyor that enables full surface load, while the loading dock comprises a 360-degree slat conveyor with adjustable loading speed (from 3m to 30m per minute).

The equipment can be connected directly to the production line conveyors, or the cargo can be placed on the belt by forklifts and AGVs. Moving floor conveyor solutions are highly suitable for shuttle transport with dedicated trailers, due to the fast loading (under 2 minutes per truck) and unloading time which results in less traffic and shorter waiting time at the factory or warehouses and distribution centers.

Automated slatted moving floor minimizes product damages and offers maximum safety for the cargo during loading, unloading and transit. It is designed for shifting all configurations of pallets, paper rolls, drums, automotive racks, tires and loose packages.