Removable rails and skates for containers

Product information

For an increased flexibility, we can provide you modular removable rails as well. These are simply placed in pairs on the container floor when need to be used. Each rail consists of few segments that are connected. One of them is provided with an integrated hydraulic pump for manual lifting of the skate, which allows the operator to move the load above by simply handling the push bar.

This concept allows the operator to perform a one shot loading and place several tones of cargo per segment of rail. The system requires a loading platform and a slave pallet to be placed under the load.

After loading the goods into the container, the two skates are lowered and pulled from underneath the slave pallet back onto the loading platform. Then the tracks inside the container are also extracted from underneath the slave pallet in order to be used for the next load. All that remain inside the container are the slave pallet and the load itself.