Pallet inverters and exchangers

Pallet inverters and exchangers are versatile industrial machines with an advanced automation degree. They are employed to replace the pallets underneath the stacks of products, either inner use pallets with shipping pallets and viceversa or damaged/ dirty pallets with more proper versions. For example, they can be used to transfer the incoming load from wood to plastic or other hygienic in-house pallets as well as to switch the outgoing loads to one-way pallets. These machines are also suitable to recover damaged products from the bottom of the stacks without the need to unpack the entire pile of products.

    Industrial exchangers for smooth pallets manipulation

    Pallet exchangers

    Palet exchangers can optimize any company’s handling flow by allowing smooth, simple and quick operations of pallets transfer. They are designed with an unique handling principle that enables the operators to swap pallets from beneath the load without touching them by hand or lifting them in any manual way. This decreases the labour efforts of the employees, as well as avoids their risk of being enjured by dropped pallets or by possibly incurring splinters in their hands. In applications where the pallets are weighing more than 25 kg and require 2 person operations, the pallet changing machines ensure also the decrease of needed personnel.

    The operation lasts about one minute per stack and the operating system is using a multiple phase process. First the base pallet is fixed on the beneath table and the load itself is being contained by a top sliding clamp and two moving sidewalls. The machine is tilting back to a position beyond 90° at which point the stack remains to rest on the back and top support. While staying in this position, the lateral clampings maintain the safety and integrity of the load and prevent it from any movements or sliping.

    In the same time, the loading table of the pallet changing equipment is released and the pallet alone is returned to the ground level where it can be exchanged with the intended one by the waiting pallet truck. The system then goes through another phase to bring the new pallet to the base of the still suspended stack and then, finally, to lower the stack in its upright position and on its new pallet.

    The pallet changers are designed and built to meet high demanding customer requirements in terms of pallets transfer, such as the ones from the pharmaceutical industry. This sector uses the machines to efficiently switch goods to and from hygienic in-house pallets. The system is equally suitable for any other industry where companies strive to implement a pallet handling system that considerably improves the internal work processes and protects their goods and the people working inside.

    These stationary pallet changers are suitable for all standard dimensions pallets and can handle piles of goods with a load of up to 1,500 kg. The totally automated system for pallet transfer is supplied together with appropriate fixed guarding to ensure operations of maximum safety in any work environment.

    ReferenceDimensions (mm)Space for installation (mm)Weight (kg)Loading capacity (kg)Power consumptionLoading platform width (mm)Engine power (kw)
    Industrial exchangers for smooth pallets manipulation, SP-01SP 012160 x 2500 x 23503030 x 4820 x 27501800N.A.400V / 20AN.A.4View product
    Load turners that cater to various requirements

    Pallet inverters

    Pallet inverting machines use reclining and rotating principles to achieve a 180 degree turning of the stack. They can handle piles of goods with a weight between 1 and 2 tones in less than one minute. The range comprises sturdy as well as lighter machines that cover all industrial inverting requirements in terms of palletised loads. The more robust machines will transfer in busy warehouses a wide variety of goods, starting from food ingredients to cement or bottled wine. They are higly suitable and reliable for boxed, bagged or canned goods. As the heavier loads tend to be more difficult to handle, the range incorporates FS (Free Standing) units that ensure more stability under their own weight. The free standing pallet inverters can also exert a high clamping pressure on unstable or more slippery goods, increasing the work and product safety.


    The lighter versions of the pallet turners are specifically designed to manage loads in the lower weight range. They are employed to handle a large diversity of products such as finished dairy goods, medicines and supplements, consumer goods or piles of paper. Due to the more compact sizes (like the ones of DD 1.25 and RR2 models) they can be installed in confined factory areas or small warehouses where floor space is an important matter. Furthermore, the lighter structure makes them easy to be transported from one area to another with the help of a forklift.

    Custom designed inverters are also available to suit different requirements in terms of available space, stacks dimensions, weight and volumes as well as goods type.

    ReferenceDimensions (mm)Space for installation (mm)Weight (kg)Loading capacity (kg)Power consumptionLoading platform width (mm)Engine power (kw)
    Inverter with reduced footprint for narrow spaces, DD 1.25DD 1.252700 x 1780 x 20002700 x 1780 x 230015001250400V / 15AN.A.2.2View product
    Versatile equipment, can be operated manually or automatically, FS2200FS2200max. 2200 mm, min. 1130 mmN.A.20002000400V / 20A1370 x 12204View product
    Inverter equipment, can handle fragile palletized products, FSDCFSDC2800 x 2300 x 22002800 x 2300 x 240822552000400V / 20A1300 x 13004View product
    Hydraulic pallet inverter with fast cycle time, RR2RR21940 x 2690 x 1400N.A.14001000400V / 16A1300 x 10002.2View product

Load turners are recommanded for production, reception and dispatch areas where large quantities of pallets permanently need to be replaced at the base of the stack to ensure the right flow for daily work activity. They are provided with adjustable jaw opening mechanism to accomodate and handle standard pallet sizes. This mechanism is holdind and fixing the pile in the right position while being turned or tilted for the pallet exchanging purpose.

Due to special levers, manual push-buttons, remote or fully automated controls, the use of pallet turner systems envolves a minimum intervention from the operators and no physical effort to ensure the pallets inverting or changing positions. Also, the replacement of the pallets can be made by forklift or pallet trucks so the operator must only maneuver them to get the job done. In this way, the demanding physical work is replaced with safer and easier handling procedures.

One of the most significant advantages of using these industrial pallet inverters and exchangers is brought in terms of cost economies. Since the items are handled in a predominantly automated way, the losses caused by product damaging are significantly decreased. Furthermore, the general appearance of the packaging is being enhanced and so is the stability of the load in storage and transport.

Pallet inverters and exchangers are easy to use, fast to operate and simple to maintain. The general construction, which incorporates high-quality materials and reliable engineering, ensures a long lifespan even in harsh environments. The well-enclosed appearance keeps the pallet changing equipment looking clean and presentable even in demanding food and pharmaceutical locations, where they are used to transfer the goods to and from cleanroom pallets. In spite their strong and heavier appearance, they are loadable and relocatable by forklifts. Additionaly, most of the models can be built to the customer’s specifications in terms of table dimensions, jaw opening, guarding fences, ramp loading as well surface finishes.