Pallet Inverter FSDC

Product information

  • Pallet inverter independently operation, provided with one-sided fixation;
  • Performs a rotation of 180 degrees;
  • Equipment loading and moving is performed with the forklift;
  • Inverter surface is protected with 2 coats of galvanized primer and 2 coats of epoxy acrylic paint;
  • Versatile equipment, the inverter can safely handle products packed in boxes, bags or cans as well as fragile food products;
  • Optionally, the inverted can be made of stainless steel or with an anti-rust galvanized protection coat;
  • The inverter can be operated manually, automatically or by remote control.
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Technical specifications

External dimensions2800 x 2300 x 2200 mm
Minimum space needed for installation2800 x 2300 x 2408 mm
Aperture dimensionsmax. 2000 mm, min. 640 mm
Loading platform width1300 x 1300 mm
Loading capacity2000 kg
Power consumption400 V/ 20A
Engine power4 kw
Weight2255 kg
Guard weight175 kg