Embedded rails and skates

Product information

Rails and manually operated skates are a stable and cost-effective alternative to an automatic loading system. These allow the user to load and unload the goods from the back of a trailer or a container. The goods are easily pushed in or pulled to the rear side to be unloaded, without using forklifts inside the cargo space.

The skates run in special rails that are deepened into a platform that is fixed on the trailer or container floor. This concept requires only one operator that fixes the skates in lifted position – using a metal bar – and moves together with them the load above. The system is provided with front and rear safety brakes. It is also self-cleaning and requires minimal maintenance.

Embedded rails and skates are suitable to move pallets, paper reels, drums, slip sheets, small vehicles as well as heavy and large machinery. These enable the operator to handle up to 3.5 tons of load per minute.