Modular roller beds for warehouses

Product information

Modular roller beds for warehouses and factories help companies to speed up their freight transfer and optimize the loading and unloading processes. The pneumatically driven rollers allow the operators to directly transfer the cargo from the loading point to the transport vehicles that are also equipped with this system.

The floor-on-floor principle and modular design offer a great flexibility to create the setup. There is no need to conduct expensive works or modifications to the building, as the rollers are embedded into segments that are simply joined in a matter of hours. The roller beds can be fixed on any flat surface and, if no longer used, can also be removed and reinstalled upon needs.

Modular roller beds are intensively used by companies that operate in the aircargo haulage (road feeder service) to move unit load devices (ULD). The system can be implemented by any company that needs to transfer pallets and special heavy loads, such as large components or machines, using a simplified, fast and easy accessed manual handling solution.