Modular roller beds for vehicles

Product information

The modular roller beds concept consists of aluminum floor pieces that can be joined together to achieve a platform. This platform is provided with integrated pneumatically rise and fall lanes of rollers on the entire length, allowing the goods (up to 30 tones) to be simply pushed by the operator and thus glide in and out on the roller track without any use of forklifts or other equipment.

The system is being fixed on top of the existing vehicle flooring. After installation, it is connected to an air system (either own truck system or provided by us) and each section can be lifted and lowered through the control box.

Modular roller beds can be installed in different sizes and layouts and are suitable for any truck, trailer or van. This loading solution offers an easy installation (for example a standard truck can be equipped within few hours) and can be removed for relocation.

Due to the auto-down system, the rollers offer maximum safety for the load during transit. These remain out of the way when not in use and can also be driven over by forklifts and pallet trucks.