Slip chain and roller tracks

Product information

Slipchain pallet loading solutions can transfer palletized loads (of up to 30 tons) from the dock to the trailer in just 90 seconds. The concept is fully automated and combines a heavy-duty chain drive system in the middle with a pneumatically activated rise and fall roller track system in the sides.

Comparing to forklift loading, in matter of operation time these solutions save several hours daily. Due to the complete automation, it provides a safer loading process for the operators and minimizes the product damages. At the same time, removes fork truck activity from loading dock areas and speeds up shuttle transport so that only few trucks are required.

This combined loading solution is most suitable for customers that have a high volume of regular delivery runs and use a small fleet of dedicated trailers. It is widely implemented in fast moving consumer goods, food and beverage industries.

The modular design can be easily integrated into any building or trailer, with minimal civil works or trailer adaptations required. The fail-safe dock lock and levelling devices are just few options that we can provide you to suit your specific activity and the loading bay operations.