Retractable skates

Product information

Retractable skates are designed to optimize the loading process of the companies that have high volume logistics shuttle cases with a medium to large fleet of dedicated trailers.

The trailers are equipped with 4 simple steel sunken tracks (13.6 meters long) into which the skates run. Once the cargo is accumulated on the loading dock, the skates are pneumatically elevated and then driven into the trailer by means of a drive chain. Once the full load is in the trailer, the air is extracted out of the skates and the load is placed on the trailer floor. The skates are then withdrawn onto the dock, awaiting the next load.

The prepared cargo can be left on the dock so the driver operates the system and loads the trailer before driving off. Each truck can be loaded with 30 tons of goods in about 2 minutes. At the delivery point, the truck can be unloaded automatically or with traditional means such as forklifts.

Skate loading solutions can be integrated with any conveyors or warehouse equipment and are suitable for palletized loads and large items such as paper reels and drums.