Pallet wrapping machine

A pallet wrapping machine allows the quick and efficient preparation of palletized products for shipment. They provide maximum safety conditions for the goods.

These professional solutions secure and protect palletized loads during transit and storage. The machines automate the process of wrapping stretch film around pallets. They ensure stability and minimize the risk of damage or loss. With various models available, these machines offer multiple features. Some of them are adjustable tension control and custom wrapping programs. They are compatible with different pallet sizes. They find applications in logistics, manufacturing, retail, and more. The efficiency enhances, labour costs reduce, and overall packaging operations improve. Pallet wrapping machines are reliable and efficient solutions for palletized load containment.

    Wrapping machines for palletized goods

    Pallet wrapping machines

    Pallet wrapping machine allow you to quickly and efficiently prepare the palletized products for shipment in condition of maximum safety.

    The basic version consists of a rotating disc and a vertical arm which is attached to the foil holder. The pallet is placed on the disc and rotated slowly and the foil is tightly attached over the entire height thereof. In more complex variants, the equipment can handle and wrap stacks of goods on pallet with heights and heavy weights, using specific procedures without damaging the boxes and the products inside of them.

    ReferenceLoading capacity (kg)Weight (kg)
    Fully customizable wrapping machine for palletized goodsDarwin1200450View product
    Innovative wrapping equipment for palletized goodsKeplerN.A.N.A.View product
    Compact cutting-edge wrapping machineVolta-TN.A.N.A.View product
    Customizable equipment for palletized goods wrappingVolta1200420View product
    High quality wrapping system for order-picking baysEvoPac NobelN.A.280View product
    Compact and ergonomic wrapperEvoPac Dot1200250View product

The basic version consists of a rotating disc and a vertical arm attached to the foil holder. The pallet sits on the disc and rotates, and the foil is tightened to the entire height. The wrapping machine can handle even more complex variants. It can foil high stacks of goods on pallets with heavy weights. It wraps them using specific procedures. This operation does not damage the boxes and the products inside.

The below high-quality machines meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors. They have advanced features and superior performance. This ensures efficient and reliable pallet wrapping solutions. Each model provided offers unique aptitudes to maximize packaging operations.

Darwin Pallet Wrapping Machine: This versatile and robust solution applies to high pallet wrapping volumes. Its sturdy construction and user-friendly interface make it well-suited for industrial settings. This machine utilizes advanced technology to deliver consistent and secure wraps on pallets. It handles stacks of various sizes and weights. Its adjustable settings and precise controls allow a seamless integration into existing production lines. As a result, the overall efficiency increases.

Kepler Pallet Wrapping Machine: A reliable and efficient solution. It excels in wrapping pallets of different dimensions. Its innovative design and user-friendly features make it suitable for various applications. This machine incorporates advanced wrapping mechanisms. They ensure tight and stable wraps, securing products during transit and storage. The Kepler Pallet Wrapping Machine offers efficiency without compromising wrapping quality.

Volta-T Pallet Wrapping Machine: This is an automated, high-speed solution for large-scale pallet wrapping operations. It embeds cutting-edge technology, allowing seamless integration with other mechanical systems. It offers unique wrapping efficiency, reducing processing time. This increases processing capacity. The Volta-T Pallet Wrapping Machine has advanced features. Some of them are adjustable tension control and custom wrapping programs. It is a versatile choice for diverse pallet wrapping requirements.

Volta Pallet Wrapping Machine: This solution is versatile and adaptable. It is suitable for various pallet wrapping needs. This machine offers efficient and consistent wrapping. It handles pallets in different shapes and sizes. With its adjustable settings and intuitive controls, it ensures optimal wrapping performance. The Volta-T Wrapping Machine integrates into existing packaging lines. This increases the efficiency and safety of operations.

Evopac Nobel Pallet Wrapping Machine: This high-performance solution suits demanding wrapping applications. It combines advanced technology with a robust structure. Due to that, it delivers superior wrapping results. This machine offers precise control over wrapping parameters. It ensures secure and stable wraps even for irregularly shaped or unstable loads. This device is valuable in industries where load stability and protection are critical. Some of them are logistics, manufacturing, and distribution.

Evopac Dot Pallet Wrapping Machine: A compact and efficient solution for small to medium-scale pallet wrapping operations. Its space-saving design makes it suitable for limited workspaces. It does not compromise performance. This machine provides reliable and consistent wraps. It also ensures product stability and protection during transit. The Evopac Dot Pallet Wrapping Machine has a user-friendly interface and quick setup. This allows easy operation and increased productivity.

Industrial Applications

These pallet-wrapping machines find applications across various industries, including:

Logistics and Warehousing: Pallet wrapping machines are equipment used in logistics and warehousing facilities. They secure goods on pallets for safe shipment and efficient storage. These machines ensure that products remain intact and protected from damage during handling and shipping.

Production and Distribution: Pallet wrapping machines are crucial equipment for the mentioned operations. They enable efficient packaging of finished goods onto pallets. They ensure stability and minimize the risk of product damage or loss. These machines have numerous advantages. They streamline the packaging process, increase deliveries and reduce costs.

Retail and E-commerce: Pallet wrapping machines are essential for retail and e-commerce businesses that deal with large quantities of goods. They ensure that palletized products are well-protected. They improve inventory management efficiency and order fulfillment processes.

Food and Beverage: Pallet wrapping machines are used in the food and beverage industry. They secure palletized loads of perishable goods. Some examples are fruits, vegetables, beverages, and dairy products. These machines maintain product freshness. By using wrapping devices, companies prevent product contamination. Another advantage is complying with hygiene regulations.

Pharma and Healthcare: Pallet wrapping machines can employ in pharma and healthcare facilities. They secure palletized shipments of medicines, medical supplies, and equipment. They ensure the integrity and safety of these sensitive products during transit and storage.

As presented, these devices bring multiple advantages when used by a company. They represent the pinnacle of technology and performance in the industry. They have unique features and aptitudes. These reliable and efficient pallet wrappers apply to a wide range of goods. The range of pallet wrapping machines is built to meet specific needs. They elevate the packaging processes to new heights.

The wrapping equipment is available in two variants:

Semi-automatic, where the operator brings and takes over (after wrapping) each pallet with a forklift;

Automatic, where the machine integrates into a complete packaging line. It takes each pallet, performs the wrapping and carries the pallet on a conveyor belt.

By using an automated system, a company can streamline the preparation phase of shipping goods. It can increase the orders processed daily and the productivity of work.

Eurobox Technologies offers both options and related holders for stretch foil. The consultants are ready to assist clients in selecting a suitable device for the logistics flow within their company.