Product information

The Darwin wrapping machine can handle a company’s most challenging order packaging project. This premium logistic equipment features a telescopic mast that only takes up the necessary space to perform the job. Also, it is a fully customizable model of shrink wrapping machine, thanks to the All Shortcut PCB.

Key Benefits of Using the Darwin Wrapping Machine

Darwin is the top-tier wrapping machine model, ideal for every shrink-wrapping project. Thus, companies can:

  • Add an optional 4,000 mm turntable;
  • Achieve a maximum payload of up to 3,000 kg;
  • Store up to 32 end-user programs;
  • Set up complete six working cycles.

The shrink-wrap equipment has three working modes:

  • Semi-manual;
  • Semi-automatic;
  • Fixed height.

As a result, employees may customize how the wrapping machine operates for nearly any load and achieve an efficient workflow. This is available even for extremely busy days when they have many parcels to ship to clients.

At the same time, the operators have complete control over each shrink wrap operation, thanks to the advanced systems and functions available as standard features for Darwin wrapping machine. Among these are:

  • The weighing system;
  • The photocell for dark-coloured palletized goods;
  • The remote control for safe operation from a distance.

Eurobox Technologies offers two years of warranty for this wrapping machine.

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Technical specifications

Technical dataHeight1381 mm
Technical dataWidth1500 mm
Technical dataLength2805 mm
Technical dataTurntable height72 mm
Technical dataWeight450 kg
Technical dataPower supply230 VAC
Technical dataPower absorption1,75/1 Kw
Main specificationsMaximum height of the pallet: 2250 mmMaximum height of the pallet: 2250 mm
Main specificationsMaximum loading weight: 1200 kgMaximum loading weight: 1200 kg
Main specificationsFrequency controller for turntable speed management
Main specificationsPhotocell for pallet height detection
Main specificationsStop at 0 position
Main specificationsStorage of 32 end user programs
Main specificationsReceiver for infrared/radio remote control
Main specificationsWorking mode: semi-manual
Main specificationsWorking mode: fixed height
Main specificationsLoading plate: 1500 mm
Main specificationsFrequency controller for carriage speed management
Main specificationsElectromagnetic brake for film stretching
Main specificationsSafety stop at the base of the carriage
Main specifications6 working cycles
Main specificationsWrapped pallet counter
Main specifications Autodiagnostic
Main specificationsWorking mode: semi-automatic
Main specifications 2 years warranty
Main optionsPower pre-stretch
Main optionsPower pre-stretch auto cut off system
Main options1650 mm turntable
Main options1800 mm turntable
Main options3000 mm max wrapping height
Main options2000 kg max pallet weight
Main optionsWeighing System
Main optionsRemote control
Main optionsRamp
Main optionsPit frame
Main optionsPhotocell for dark loads
Main optionsSafety fences