Product information

If your company needs an efficient wrapping machine that takes up little space, the answer is Volta-T. This logistic equipment has all the key features of a professional shrink wrap machine, but a very compact size.

Its plate has an ingenious pallet jack shape that allows the operator to bring the load straight to the machine, without the need of an external loading ramp. Thanks to the PCB equipped on the machine, the operator can set various wrapping cycles, as necessary.

Other Benefits of Using Volta-T Wrapping Machine

Despite its compact size, Volta-T can handle palletized goods with a total height in excess of 3,500 mm. At the same time, the wrapping machine can be expanded by adding a fully integrated weighing system, a control panel and a printer.

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Technical specifications

Main specificationsSpace saving
Main specificationsBest state of art technology
Main specificationsMore than 3500 mm wrapping height
Main specificationsPossibility to equip a fully integrated weighing system