Product information

Volta wrapping machine is a top tier logistic equipment, designed for strength and superior capacity. This device is extremely versatile and customizable to fit the needs of your company and the various flows of order packing and shipping.

The automatic wrapping machine has a large loading plate (1,500 mm) which can be extended to 4,000 mm. Volta can ensure proper wrapping for adjustable height pallet thanks to the wide range Datalogic Photocell, which can detect even dark colors.

Speed Up Order Preparation with Volta Wrapping Machine

This wrapping equipment is designed for companies that have to prepare and ship a large volume of orders in a short time. Volta is characterized by high performance and ease of use for the operator.

The wrapping machine features, among others:

  • Frequency controlled to adjust the speed of the turntable;
  • Electromagnetic brake for film stretching;
  • Remote control;
  • Double motor Pre-Stretch carriage featuring an auto cut-off system.

Volta is capable of handling a maximum load of 1,200 kg and a maximum pallet height of 2,500 mm. Eurobox Technologies offers a 2-year warranty for this wrapping machine model.

Technical specifications

Technical dataHeight2580 mm
Width1500 mm
Length2865 mm
Weight420 kg
Power supply230 VAC
Power absorption0,75/1 Kw
Main specificationsMax. height of the pallet: 2500 mm
Maximum payload: 1200 Kg
Frequency controller for turntable speed management
Custom Photocell for automatic pallet height detection
Double belt system for carriage lifting
Double mode – ALL SHORTCUTS (AS) – Electronic Board
2 year warranty
Loading plate: 1500 mm
Frequency controller for carriage speed management
Electromagnetic brake for film stretching
Safety stop beneath the carriage
6 working cycles
Main optionsPower Pre-Stretch Carriage
Power Pre-Stretch Carriage with auto cut-off system
Double motor Pre-Stretch Carriage
Double motor Pre-Stretch Carriage with auto cut-off system
Sealing Unit
Remote Control
Roping System
Top Press
Up to 4000 ∅ mm table’s diameter
Custom wrapping height
2000 Kg payload
Weighing System
Pit Frame