Product information

Kepler is an atypical and innovative wrapping machine that helps your employees shrink wrap challenging product orders. This logistic equipment is recommended for unstable or very light palletized merchandize, which cannot be safely placed on a rotating table.

Thus, instead of placing the pallet on the machine, the operator will move the Kepler wrapping machine around the load of products, making sure that they are properly packaged for shipping.

A Small but Highly Productive Wrapping Machine

The compact sized wrapping machine has a maximum speed of 48 RPM, thus ensuring a good production flow even for a large number of orders. Kepler can be upgraded to a fully automated machine, equipped with a sealing unit and remote control. As it has does not have a loading plate, the wrapping device has an infinite payload.

Contact the specialists at Eurobox Technologies to find out more about Kepler wrapping machine for light and unstable loads!

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Technical specifications

Main specificationsHigher production rate
Main specificationsHigh performance PPS- in standard
Main specificationsCan be fully automated
Main specificationsBest state of art technology
Main specificationsInfinite payload