EvoPac Nobel

Product information

EvoPack Nobel wrapping machine offers advanced features to help companies shrink wrap orders quickly and efficiently. This logistic equipment has a simple and ergonomic design and offers very easy operation with minimum effort.

The wrapping machine is 100% made in Italy, from the smallest components to the final assembly. Its high quality is also matched by a very affordable price, making EvoPack Nobel a must-have machine in warehouses and order picking bays.

The Main Benefits and Features of EvoPac Nobel Wrapping Machine

This warehouse machine is extremely easy to use, thanks to the Datalogic Custom Photocell that automatically detects the height of the pallet. Thus, the operator does not have to make any adjustment to ensure that the goods are properly wrapped.

At the same time, the operator can adjust the speed of the turntable using the frequency controller and apply the mechanical brake when needed. The dedicated PCB helps plan and manage up to 3 work cycles.

The EvoPac Nobel wrapping machine has 2 years warranty.

Technical specifications

Technical dataHeight2075 mm
Width1500 mm
Length2374 mm
Turntable height75 mm
Weight280 kg
Power supply230 VAC
Power absorption0,75/1 Kw
Main specificationsStop at 0 position
3 working cycles
Going up/down
Maximum pallet height 2100 mm
Frequency controller for turntable speed adjustment
2 years warranty
Control panel specs: Top turns
Control panel specs: Cycle selection UP or UP/DOWN
Control panel specs: Lapse of time between the moment when the wrapper (in the ascent phase) stops detecting the pallet and the actual stop of the table.
Mechanical brake
5 digit display
Powder coating
Braked turntable at the end of the cycle
Datalogic Custom Photocell for pallet height detection (black loads allowed)
Frequency controller for carriage speed adjustment
Control panel specs: Bottom turns
Control panel specs: Rotation speed (Rpm)
Control panel specs: Carriage speed going upwards/downwards [Hz]
Main optionsPower Pre-Stretch Carriage
1650 mm turntable
Pit frame