EvoPac Dot

Product information

Dot wrapping machine has an innovative design that helps companies shrink wrap orders quickly and efficiently. The simple and compact design makes the wrapping equipment ergonomic and east to use. It is operated by an industrial twin-footswitch and has a multi-turns potentiomenter to adjust the rotation speed as required.

What Is Special about the EvoPac Dot Wrapping Machine?

This model is extremely easy to use by employees with minimum training. It is very versatile and adapts to various types of merchandize: stacked boxes, palletized goods, etc. The simple design makes EvoPac Dot wrapping machine easy to clean and maintain.

Despite the simple design, this is a sturdy wrapping machine, powered by a Siemens V20 inverter and with a maximum loading capacity of 1200 kg. The turntable plate has a diameter of 1650 mm, suitable for most standard sized packaging units.

Other Key Features of EvoPac Dot Wrapping Equipment

This logistic machine is supplied with an external potentiometer that helps the operator adjust the speed. Thus, EvoPac Dot wrapping machine can be used even for manual shrink wrap operations using hand film or a shrink foil gun.

Eurobox Technologies offers you 2 year warranty for this model of wrapping machine

Technical specifications

Technical dataHeight1074 mm
Technical dataWidth1500 mm
Technical dataLength2374 mm
Technical dataWeight250 kg
Technical dataPower supply230 VAC
Technical dataPower absorption0,75/1 Kw
Main specificationsSIEMENS V20 Inverter
Main specificationsIndustrial footswitch
Main specificationsPowder coating
Main specificationsExternal potentiometer for turntable speed adjustment
Main specifications2 years warranty
Main specificationsLoading plate: 1500 mm
Main specificationsStop at 0 position
Main specificationsMaximum loading weight: 1200 kg
Main specificationsBraked turntable at the end of the cycle
Main options1650 mm turntable diameter
Main optionsRamp 800 mm
Main optionsRamp 1000 mm
Main optionsBrackets to fix the ramp to the ground
Main optionsClip to tie the film
Main optionsPit frame