500 kg counterbalanced swivel crane 360° manual lift/lower

Product information

If you might need a counterbalanced crane that can handle a maximum weight of 500 kg and manualy lifts/lowers your goods, but that also has noise reduction and soundproofing components, we have what you are looking for!

Eurobox’s ergonomic mobile mini crane is an easy to use product, with no installation required.
It is possible to adjust the descent speed due to the control descent knob.

It is equipped with a lock valve, integrated into the hydraulic system, which works as a prevention measure so that, in case of a possible breakage of the pipes, the load will not fall; and a second valve, having the purpose of preventing the crane’s overloading.

Its arm is extendable in 4 positions and an optional arm extension is available to get a maximum outreach of 1270 mm.

Technical specifications

Max Capacity (Kg)500
ColumnSwivel 360°
Max Overhang (mm)1270
Max Heigth2850
Frontal footprint (mm)990
LiftingFast lift double action pump
LoweringFine control descent knob
BoomManual 4 positions