200 kg counterbalanced swivel crane 360° electric progressive lower

Product information

It sometimes can happen that, while working in a large warehouse or having a wide production area, you might need equipment that can be easily transported from a location to another and that work efficient and safe, thus increasing your productivity. With our mini cranes, especially the ones equipped with a progressive speed control, you will also benefit of a better accuracy when positioning a load or a component that must be handled with care.

We also recommend this product due to the following reasons:

  • Easily maneuverable at full load in confined spaces.
  • A lock valve, integrated into the hydraulic system, which works as a prevention measure so that, in case of a possible breakage of the pipes, the load will not fall; and a second valve, having the purpose of preventing the crane’s overloading.
  • It is equipped with a pendant lever for lifting a load at a single speed and operating a progressive descent. This requirement is indispensable when millimeter accuracy is required during the positioning of the load.
  • The arm of the counterbalanced crane with slewing arm is extendable in 4 positions and an optional arm extension is available to get a maximum outreach of 1270 mm.
  • Built-in high-frequency charger with charge level indicator.
  • Because the counterbalanced crane with slewing arm is a crane with a maximum capacity of 200 kg, you will not need a third-party certification, by following the current legislation

Technical specifications

Max Capacity (Kg)200
ColumnSwivel 360°
Max Overhang (mm)1270
Max Heigth2850
Frontal footprint (mm)800
LiftingElectric with single speed
LoweringElectric with adjustable speed
BoomManual 4 positions