1.000 kg full electric crane – triple electric boom

Product information

Our products is the motorized crane with the smallest dimensions in its category (just 800mm wide) and thanks to its extreme maneuverability it can reach any location where the load has to be picked up, including narrow aisles and tunnels. It has an excellent steering angle that allows it to move along the narrow spaces or rotate on its axis in limited spaces. It is equipped with AGM batteries that can be recharged in areas with limited ventilation.

It is an electric mobile lifting crane that can be used in all sectors being silent, environmentally friendly and zero-emission. In line with Health and Safety international standards (emergency buttons, warning devices, relief and check valves), and is also equipped with a maximum load dynamic throttling device, which prevents the crane from loading beyond maximum range at each point of the slide by inhibiting the ascent and feed controls until the operator re-enter the load within the permitted limits.

This electric mobile lifting crane can be equipped with any type of under hook accessory for unlimited applications in a large variety of industries.

It also comes in two variants:

  • With proportional level control
  • With proportional remote control

More of our product’s features are:

  • Maximum ergonomics: the operator can firmly grip the tiller handles with both hands
  • Safe driving
  • Slow/fast speed: 2-speed driving
  • Slow mode of 1.5 km/h ideal for tight spaces and to safely move the load
  • Its speed is of 3.0 km/h on long distances
  • Motion warning
  • Warning lights
  • Emergency button; indicator light showing maximum load position and the upward/downward motion and extension & retraction motion are active (color green); control light showing maximum load capacity (when the red light is activated is not possible to lift the load and extend the jib); indicator that shows the level of the battery; visual warning system that works through a LED beacon.
  • Our crane with proportional level control is equipped with adjustable speed for the following processes:
    • Controlling the up and down movement of the jib
    • Controlling the extension and retraction of the jib
  • Our crane comes with a remote control. By using it, you can benefit of more functions, such as:
    • Controlling the up and down movement of the jib
    • Controlling the extension and retraction of the jib

Technical specifications

TractionElectric. Slow/fast speed: 2-speed driving
Max Capacity (Kg)1000
Max Overhang (mm)3096
Max Heigth4500
Frontal footprint (mm)800
LiftingElectric with adjustable and proportional speed
LoweringElectric with adjustable and proportional speed
BoomTriple Electric Boom with adjustable speed