1.000 kg high capacity crane electric progressive lower

Product information

If you might need a movable crane than can also be equipped with several types of underhooks and the integration of noise reduction and soundproofing components, Eurobox Technologies has in stock the best product for you.

Our 1.000 kg High Capacity Crane Electric Progressive Lower is the best product to use if you are looking for the following characteristics to be fulfilled:

  • Maximum lifting capacity up to 1.000 kg and outreach up to 2.000 mm.
  • It represents a solution that reduces costs and is also flexible for processes such as lifting/lowering and even transporting of loads in some applications and, thanks to their minimum frontal footprint of just 800 mm, it can be moved in narrow lanes and spaces, thus being a solution that can be maneuvered without efforts even at full load.
  • A lock valve, integrated into the hydraulic system, which works as a prevention measure so that, in case of a possible breakage of the pipes, the load will not fall; and a second valve, having the purpose of preventing the crane’s overloading.
  • Tiller arm equipped with gas spring and double wheels Ø 200 mm with ball bearings and braking system; 2 fixed front wheels Ø 250 mm with bearings to make it easy to move.
  • The frame is made of painted steel and is equipped at the base with 2 useful forklift supports to lift and transport the crane safely on long distances.
  • 360° swivel hook type.
  • Equipped with a pendant lever for lifting a load at a single speed and operating a progressive descent, an indispensable requirement when millimeter accuracy is required during the positioning of the load.
  • The arm of this restricted access lifting crane is extendable in 4 positions and an optional arm extension is available to get a maximum outreach of 2000 mm.
  • Built-in high-frequency charger with charge level indicator.

Our mobile crane, a restricted access lifting crane, has been designed to improve productivity and eliminate efforts and injuries caused by manual lifting of loads.

Technical specifications

Max Capacity (Kg)1000
Max Overhang (mm)2000
Max Heigth3030
Frontal footprint (mm)800
LiftingElectric with single speed
LoweringElectric with adjustable speed
BoomManual 4 positions