200 kg counterbalanced swivel crane 360° electric lift/lower/extend/retract jib arm

Product information

Our movable crane has an increased accuracy when working with products that need to be handled with care and are designed to offer a great ease of access to those components that may need eventual inspection.

A few of its benefits are:

  • A lock valve, integrated into the hydraulic system, which works as a prevention measure so that, in case of a possible breakage of the pipes, the load will not fall; and a second valve, having the purpose of preventing the crane’s overloading.
  • The counterbalanced cantilever mini crane is equipped with an electric controlled jib arm.
  • It is equipped with a 4 way fine control lever controls for:
    • Lifting the jib arm
    • Lowering the jib arm
    • Extending the jib arm
    • Retracting the jib arm
  • All movements (arm and extension) are electric controlled, progressive and adjustable by the operator with extreme precision.
  • Controlled descent system with the engine off.
  • It is the most popular model for awkward placements from the ground onto 3D machines, lathes, over perimeter protections, narrow openings, etc., thanks to its 360° pivoting and in all those applications where there is  no space to move the load with a forklift or other large sizes lifting equipment.

Technical specifications

Max Capacity (Kg)200
ColumnSwivel 360°
Max Overhang (mm)1312
Max Heigth2860
Frontal footprint (mm)800
LiftingElectric with adjustable and proportional speed
LoweringElectric with adjustable and proportional speed