Sealing machine S-type

Product information

Sealing Machines with ASWT System for Optimal Results

The S-Type sealing machines are equipped with the Active Sealing Wire Tensioning (ASWT) system. It ensures continuous tensioning of the sealing wires and optimal temperature for each type of material.

This model of sealing machine can be used for the following types of bags and foils:

  • LDPE and HDPE;
  • PP and PA;
  • PVC;
  • BOPP;
  • Laminated foils, which include a thermoplastic film.

The S-Type sealing machine has a temperature range between 80° C and 220° C.

Ergonomic Design for Safe Operation

Employee safety is one of the most important aspects of any industry. The S-Type sealing machines promote safe operation through their ergonomic design. The tabletop is adjustable in eight angles and features an adjustable bag support.

Thus, the roll of bags is installed on the roll, and the operator adjusts its height according to their needs. The sealing machine is ideal for sealing products in pouches. The S-Type model has five sealing bar lengths: 320 mm, 420 mm, 620 mm, 820 mm and 1020 mm.

Customize the S-Type Sealing Machines with Various Accessories

The standard S-Type machine for sealing bags can be adapted with various accessories to fit specific needs. Eurobox Technologies offers a wide range of accessories, such as:

  • Aluminum table arm for weighs exceeding 5 kg;
  • Mobile foot pedal with flexible connector cable;
  • Mobile film roll holder with split roll function;
  • Security coding with individual text.

Technical specifications

Technical dataSSSDSSDSBSS
Maximum sealing length [mm]3204204206206206208201020
Sealing width [mm]552 x 552 x 5555
Maximum sealable film width [mm]3104104106106106108101010
Maximum cutting width [mm]3104104106106106108101010
IP classificationIP23IP23IP23IP23IP23IP23IP23IP23
Electrical connection [V, Hz]230, 50/60230, 50/60230, 50/60230, 50/60230, 50/60230, 50/60230, 50/60230, 50/60
Maximum power consumption* [W]5004506503505005001000950
Dimension (LxWxH), sealer [mm]505 x 206 x 255605 x 206 x 255605 x 206 x 255805 x 206 x 255805 x 206 x 255805 x 206 x 2551005 x 206 x 2551205 x 206 x 255
Dimension (LxWxH), complete** [mm]525 x 553 x 1085625 x 553 x 1085625 x 553 x 1085825 x 553 x 1085825 x 553 x 1085825 x 553 x 10851025 x 553 x 10851225 x 553 x 1085
Weight, sealer [kg]11.7013.2015.2016.5018.5018.5023.2025.95
Weight, complete** [kg]23.6026.2028.2031.5033.5033.5040.1045.15