Sealing machine E-type

Product information

The E-Type sealing machines are simple, robust and fast – a must-have accessory for any company that needs to package products in airtight bags. From the food processing and pharmaceutical industries to manufacturing, the E-Type impulse heat sealing machine can handle any packaging application.

E-Type Sealing Machines: Maximum Safety in Operation

This model of sealing machines features a foot pedal that allows the employee to control the operation with precision and safety. The sealing bar is perfectly aligned to the body, thus it does not require supplementary adjustment after installation.

This innovative sealing machine is available in five sizes and three versions to suit various needs. You can choose the sealing bar in the following widths:

  • 420 mm
  • 620 mm
  • 820 mm
  • 1020 mm
  • 1320 mm.

This makes the E-Type sealing machine an adequate use both in supermarket, at the food counter, as well as for industrial use in production facilities.

Four Versions with Specific Features

You can order the E-Type sealing machines in the following versions:

E-type: this version has a 5-mmm wide single-sealing wire using the impulse heating technology.

ED-type: this sealing machine has double 5-mmm wide sealing wires. It can also work in single-wire mode, by switching off the upper wire. Using both wires ensures superior safety in sealing contaminated bags.

EB-type: the Bi-Active industrial sealing wire has a width of 5 mm and is recommended for thicker, laminated bags or multi-layer foil. This sealing machine has the capacity of sealing bags with a maximum thickness of 800 microns.

All the versions of the E-Type sealing machines have stainless sealing bars and suspensions and the body made of sturdy magnesium-aluminum alloy. The machines are protected by a finishing layer of orange powder paint or silver anodized (recommended for the food and pharmaceutical industries).


Technical specifications

Technical dataEEDEBEEDEBEE
Maximum sealing length [mm]42042042062062062010201320
Sealing width [mm]52 x 5552 x 5555
Maximum film thickness [µm]500500800500500800500500
Maximum film width [mm]41041041061061061010101310
Maximum cutting length [mm]41041041061061061010101310
IP classificationIP 33 (Optional IP 44)IP 33 (Optional IP 44)IP 33 (Optional IP 44)IP 33 (Optional IP 44)IP 33 (Optional IP 44)IP 33 (Optional IP 44)IP 33 (Optional IP 44)IP 33 (Optional IP 44)
Maximum power consumption* [W]650130013009001800180015002000
Dimension (LxWxH), sealer [mm]600 x 215 x 255600 x 215 x 255600 x 215 x 255800 x 215 x 255800 x 215 x 255800 x 215 x 2551200 x 215 x 2551500 x 215 x 255
Dimension (LxWxH), complete** [mm]600 x 560 x 1130600 x 560 x 1130600 x 560 x 1130800 x 560 x 1130800 x 560 x 1130800 x 560 x 11301200 x 560 x 11301500 x 560 x 1130
Weight, sealer [kg]1818182222222934
Weight, complete** [kg]3232323838385059