Permanent lifting magnetic beam and magnetic truss

Product information

Load lifting magnetic beam allow a comfortable handling and lifting of long workpieces in compliance with satefy standards and ergonomics concepts. Permament lifting magnets are the most appropriate solutions to shift and lift ferrous materials.

FX-LT magnet beams will be adapted to the needs of sheet are often used by sheet metal processors as well as laser and flame cutters. Two FX-V lifting magnets within a certain distance, strengthened by a traverse with two-chain suspensions, allow loading and unloading of machines with sheets or the vertical lifting of work-pieces with a center cut-out.  With a few simple hand movements, the magnets can be removed from the traverse for lifting blanks and small plates with only one magnet.

Reference: FX-LT 600/700/1000/1400/3200/4800 Category: