Modulo TYP E

Product information

Small, agile, versatile and able to transport loads of different shapes and weights. With the modern Modulo truck, however, we are a few steps closer to our goal.

The Modulo prototype was developed as part of a joint research and development project between Atres and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Poznan University of Technology. Our engineers worked together to verify the design and carry our detailed calculations and simulations in order to obtain the optimum parameters, such as lifting time, load capacity and module height to ensure versatility of the truck.

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Technical specifications

ModelTYP E
External dimensions2650 x 1160 mm
Lade Raum1 x 1200 x 800
1 x 1200 x 1000
2 x 800 x 600
Bearing capacity1000 kg
Max weight of set4000 kg
Speedmax 6 km/h
Driving system4 - wheel steering system
Additional equipmentPolyurethane green, ergonomic, hardness 75° Shore A