Euro Electric Gantry Crane

Product information

  • 4-wheel steering system
  • function of electric lifting lowering of the load
  • enables loading and unloading from “level 0” on both sides
  • standardly adapted to transport loads of Euro and Industrial dimensions, with the possibility of adapting to other dimensions
  • safety system (including signal lights) that, in the event of incorrect positioning of the load, prevents the train from moving
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Technical specifications

External dimensions2290 x 1184 x 2350 mm
Loading space1200 x 800 x max 1650 mm
Bearing capacity1000 kg
Max weight of set3000 kg
Speedmax 6 km/h
Driving system4 - wheel steering system
Wheel typesoft poliuretan green, non-staining
Additional equipment4 wheel system with inverted drawbar, electric protection against starting with the load lowered, load position indication via LED