Mobile waste baling machine MRD 01

Product information

  • Baling machine recommended for compacting the following types of waste: large plastic bags, foam, fleece, cardboard, paper and crumpled paper, plastic foils, aluminium foils and bags, PP band or PET, non-woven textiles;
  • Baling is done by means of 2 conveyor belts that creates a compaction chamber in which the bale is formed ;
  • It is capable of continuous operation;
  • Compacts while being fed;
  • The baling process can be interrupted at any time without the baling material to re-expand (it remains under a constant pressure until the process is resumed);
  • Provided with a switch on safety position;
  • It can be placed anywhere waste occur in the workspace;
  • Requires minimal effort from the operator;
  • It is also available in variant of bale strapping and discharging completely automatic, fitted with bale diameter indicator as display or with acoustic + optical signal indicating the filling maximum level.
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Technical specifications

External dimensions1490 x 900 x 1750 mm (L x W x H)
Feeding table height1080 mm
Feeding table width600 mm
Weight540 kg
Bale diametermax. 400 mm
Bale length600 mm
Bale weightmax. 30 kg
Bale density250-400 kg/m3
Baling capacity300 kg/h
Strapping materialstretch foil 23 μm
Foil roll diameter250 mm
Foil width580-600 mm
Clamping speed0,36 m/s
Three-phase engine2.2 kw
Bale strapping and discharging typesemi-automatic
Bale diameter indicatorLED
Signal indicating the maximum filling levelacoustic