Product information

The ANEMOI film matting represents a major advancement in protective packaging solutions. The ANEMOI matting features a unique design, developed as an improved version of the traditional air cushion. It comprises multiple air pockets evenly distributed over a large surface area.

This design ensures optimal package protection while offering clients the best cost/benefit ratio. The low volume of the ANEMOI matting makes it easy to fill large spaces. This happens without complexities in the packaging process.

In addition to its unique protective potential, the ANEMOI matting boasts a particular designed chamber system. It acts as a gentle shock absorber. This system adjusts the air pressure during rough transit. It ensures that even the most fragile packages arrive safely and intact at their destination.

The ANEMOI matting is available in Standard, Classic, and Premium versions. They are each tailored to the specific client’s needs. This versatile product is ideal for shipping delicate electronic equipment, glassware, or other fragile items. It can be further customized to suit any packaging requirements.

Anemoi Quilted material comes in various blends, heights and widths to suit diverse packaging needs. This innovative material suits “Bubble on demand” applications. This allows it to be stored flat and inflated as operators require. This approach makes businesses enjoy significant savings, unlike storing traditional bubble wrap. Clients can benefit from the convenience of delivering the finished quilt to the workstation. This makes the packaging process even more efficient.

The Classic material is durable and provides excellent cushioning properties. This makes it suitable for 90% of cushioning activities. It comes in various cell sizes and two widths for greater flexibility in packaging.

Single width

  • Small – 400 mm width, 250 m and 530 m
  • Medium – 400 mm width, 250 m and 530 m
  • Large – 400 mm width, 250 m and 530 m

Double width

  • Small – 800 mm width, 530 m
  • Medium – 800 mm width, 530 m

The Premium Anemoi is specially designed for heavy-duty applications. Here, items are larger, heavier, or have awkward shapes.

Single width

  • Small – 400 mm width, 380 m
  • Medium – 400 mm width, 380 m
  • Large– 400 mm width, 380 m