Product information

AEOLOS AIR CUSHIONS are the top choice for all void-fill applications. They are flexible, durable, and cost-effective. Featuring a single air chamber, these cushions are ideal for standard air cushion packaging. This way, they are a must-have for a quick and efficient fill of empty spaces. This is possible while ensuring product safety during transport.

The cushions can be filled on-demand in the packing area using an air cushion machine. This offers various possibilities for use in cavity-filling situations. AEOLOS products have low disposal costs and multiple options for different needs. They come in Standard, Classic, and Premium versions. This way, they meet the client’s specific packaging requirements.

The Standard film selection can meet the needs of rapidly expanding online enterprises. Further, the extended roll lengths enable customers to achieve optimal efficiency with minimal pauses:

  • 200x100mm, 1000m;
  • 200x150mm, 1000m;
  • 200x200mm, 1000m.

The Classic line of films provides robustness and resilience. It happens due to its exclusive blend that enhances air retention for extended periods. In addition, longer rolls are available to promote efficiency:

  • 200×100 mm, 1220 m;
  • 200×150 mm, 1220 m;
  • 200×200 mm, 1220 m;
  • 200×100 mm, 1000 m;
  • 200×150 mm, 1000 m;
  • 200×200 mm, 1000 m;
  • 275×200 mm, 800 m;
  • 200×100 mm, 500 m;
  • 200×150 mm, 500 m;
  • 200×200 mm, 500 m;
  • 400×100 mm, 250 m;
  • 400×100 mm, 500 m.

The ECO films have a 20% lower CO2 footprint than other films. They are distinctive in their green color. While not biodegradable, the ECO film is manufactured with a minimal carbon footprint. The available dimensions for these products are:

  • 200×100 mm, 500 m;
  • 200×200 mm, 500 m;
  • 225×100 mm, 600 m;
  • 225×150 mm, 600 m;
  • 225×200 mm, 600 m;
  • 275×200 mm, 800 m.

The Premium films cater to heavy-duty packaging applications. The range was developed to support customers with demanding products. It offers excellent protection for challenging shapes and weights without requiring expensive customized solutions:

  • 200×100 mm, 500 m;
  • 200×150 mm, 500 m;
  • 200×200 mm, 500 m;
  • 400×100 mm, 250 m.