Strapping machines

Strapping machines allow industrial companies to pack their goods with the correct needed amount of strapping band to guarantee stability, security and durability in every logistic conditions. The strapping operations are made in the most facile and rapid way to enable optimized packing processes and a decreased number of necessary personnel.

    Vertical automatic tape packing machine MA-01

    Vertical automatic strapping machines

    Vertical automatic strapping machines are indispensable tools for the correct handling and strapping of products, especially stacks of large or heavy items. They allow fast and safe vertical compression and strapping processes and can be inserted into fully automatic conveyor transport lines. The range comprises models that are suitable for any kind of products which are placed on different sized piles. These are highly suitable for applications that include cardboard and paper sheets or bags, glass as well as for building sectors.

    A smart integrated press device – applicable especially for cardboard or paper – can optionally create the right compression from the top of the stack, prior to the strapping process. This holds the items together and reduces the material volume, making it particularly compact and stable even in storage.

    Automatic vertical strapping machines can carry out one, two or more strapping operations on the height of the stack at a preset distance, consecutively or simultaneously. The operations can be completed by the automatic pack rotation device for crosswise strapping.

    The system is fully customisable according to the sizes of the packages and of the logistic requirements. It can incorporate different options such as hold-on devices or lower retractable guides that allow the equipment to pass the straps through the pallet and in this way to better fix the load.

    ReferenceTitleDimensions (mm)Tape width (mm)Tape thickness (mm)Tape tensioning (kg)Cutting speed (m/s)
    Vertical automatic tape packing machine MA-01MA 01Vertical automatic tape packing machine MA 012430 x 1370 x 4008-190.50 -1.270 -7002.4 – 5.5View product
    Horizontal automatic tape packing machine MA-02

    Automatic horizontal strapping machines

    Horizontal automatic strapping machines are highly-efficient and versatile machines that can be easily integrated into fully automated packaging internal lines. They secure the stack by performing one or several strap bindings around the stack which guarantee load stability, ease of storage and safety during transport.

    Automatic plastic strapping machines are developed using innovative technologies to prove a correct handling of the products in a wide diversity of industrial applications.  The reliability of these machines and high-quality components guarantee maximum efficiency, durability and strenght that reduces all forms of maintenance to a minimum.

    The range comprises totally automated models that are provided with a gliding frame. This allows the horizontal strapping of different dimensioned palletised loads in terms of width and length but also height. The operating system – with advancing movement of the head and guides – allows the packs to be compacted and strapped on 2 or 4 sides. The advantages of these pallet strapping machines are proven most often in food and beverage sectors. For the horizontal strapping of lighter loads, the available models are simple and dynamic machines to speed up the entire operation and bring increased perfomances in the internal flow.

    ReferenceTitleDimensions (mm)Tape width (mm)Tape thickness (mm)Tape tensioning (kg)Cutting speed (m/s)
    Horizontal automatic tape packing machine MA-02MA 02Horizontal automatic tape packing machine MA 023800 x 1380 x 4008-190.60 -1.200-3002.4 – 5.5View product
    Semi automatic tape packing machin MA-03

    Semi-automated strapping machines

    Our semi-automatic strapping machines are some of the most versatile industrial tools on the market. Their lightweight yet sturdy construction, together with the operating speed, allows a facile and reliable use in any field of activity. Equipped with swivel casters that offer high mobility, these can easily be moved within the production facility upon the strapping necessities. Due to their simple construction and adaptable use to various types of applications, the machines can be integrated in any factory or warehouse environment.

    The semi-automatic box strapping machines are suitable for packages of different sizes, a feature which brings a lot of flexibility to the strapping process. They are designed in standard with an efficient working table that allows the operator to complete the filling of the package before being strapped, as well as to easily maneuver even larger or heavier parcels. The strapping operation lasts, in average, around 30 seconds for a standard cardboard crate of 600×400 mm using 4 bindings (2 on each length and width of the package).

    The table is provided with an embedded channel where the strapp is being inserted by the operator after he has positioned it on the box. The machine is taking over the inserted strap, tightens, cuts and seals it, then evacuates the end of the roller to enable a new binding. The operator positions the box for a new strapping and performs the same movement as many times as it is necessary to finish the packing process. Thus, the companies can reduce the impact on their cost for resources and optimize the packing process without using larger and more valuable equipment.

    ReferenceTitleDimensions (mm)Tape width (mm)Tape thickness (mm)Tape tensioning (kg)Cutting speed (m/s)
    Semi automatic tape packing machin MA-03MA 03Semi-automatic tape packing machine MA 03900 x 570 x 7305 – 15.5N.A.0.5 – 602.4 – 5.5View product
    Manual tape packing machine MA-04

    Manual strapping machines

    Manual strapping machines are small portable tools that ensure a quick one-hand strapping operation. Their ergonomic and compact design allows the operators to easily carry and handle them anywhere in the workspace where the products or packages need to be strapped. The very low curb weight (the tool itself weights less than 3 kg) reduces the operators physical effort over extended use and increases their performances.

    Fast and reliable, these battery powered strapping tools perform a fully automatic tensioning, frictioning, cutting and welding of the plastic straps. The sealing time adjustment, of less than 3 seconds, enables the operator to adapt the machine to the internal packing flow and to speed up the work processes.

    The single-handed operation is conforming to CE safety directive and meets the RoHS requirements. Latest Li-Ion technology complies with UN38.3 safety standards and the hand strapping machines enable a quick charge of the battery (of around 30 minutes). The rechargeable battery is provided with a smart Charge Level Indicator and ensures a life span of up to 2000 charges if properly charged and discharged.

    Electric strapping tools are designed with an unique rear-end roller to prevent scratches or other damages on strapping products. The self-adjustable system of the strap allows an easy substitute of the guides and wearing parts. These tools are available in standard and heavy-duty versions and can optionally be delivered with special hanger to reduce the operation fatigue.

    ReferenceTitleDimensions (mm)Tape width (mm)Tape thickness (mm)Tape tensioning (kg)Cutting speed (m/s)
    Manual tape packing machine MA-04MA 04Manual tape packing machine MA 04330 x 150 x 130120-1600.65 – 1.00N.A.N.A.View product

The range comprises automatic, semi-automatic and manual strapping machines with a smart design that effectively achieves highly performing operations in all industries.

Automatic strapping machines – with vertical and horizontal strapping – are suitable for plants that need to prepare for shipping a large amount of unpacked goods such as corrugated cardboard and paper stacks, bottles or cans. They compress, compact and stabilize different-height packages and add more safety to the shipped products. These machines are employed in numerous industrial and craft sectors and can be customised according to the application in terms of arches or strapping head position.

The manually or semi-automated conducted versions enable an easy strapping operation mainly for previosly packed and boxed goods. They require the operator to attach the strap over the box, while the strapping equipment tensions and seals it. These plastic strapping machines are user-friendly and offer quality operations with very little effort from the employees.

All models of strapping machines offer maximum safety for the goods during storage and handling with minimum material consuption, used in the form of PP or PET strapping band. Also, they improve the internal sustainability in terms of energy savings, as the machines are well balanced in quality and innovation versus electric consumption.