Stair hop

Product information

It is designed, built and tested to handle different types of loads on various flat surfaces and on fixed stairs, for commercial, civil and industrial use. The main quality of the electric stairs trolley is that this product is the only electric cart for stair climbing that has under 30 kilograms (hence why it is called a “light” device) and that allows the operator to work both safely and fast, due to its vacuum descent system. The system has led to greater handling and an easy use, thanks to its ability to recognize steps that does not automatically lock the wheels.

Some of the product’s unique features, which make it safe to use, practical and easy to operate, and its accessories, are the following ones:

  • Button for the rudder’s movement, which acts like an up or down button
  • Button for the machine’s body movement, which can be activated when the rudder is bent and it activates the movement during the ascent phase
  • Battery charger
  • Removable lithium battery, that weights 2 kg
  • Levers used for lifting, they operate electrically and have the function of allowing the ascent and descent movements of the machine
  • Dashboard, with multiple functions: descent selector, key for ignition, potentiometer and battery level indicator
  • Load belt, in order to secure the transported goods
  • Customizable platform, to comply with the various dimensions that various goods might have
  • Resealable platform, to adjust the comfort of the items, if they are not packed in a box and there exists the risk of falling and affecting their quality
  • Rudder, adjustable in different positions, which has the important role of increasing the handling and safety of the Eurobox’s stair hop system, according to each type of load that is being manipulated




Technical specifications

Minimum dimensions on L-shaped landing100 x 70 cm
Minimum dimensions on U-shaped landing100 x 170 cm
Minimum stair width measurement55 cm
Maximum step height22 cm
Total weight 28,7 kg
Base equipment weight26,7 kg
Lithium battery weight2 kg
Max transportable capacity130 kg
Max speed 30 steps/min
Battery back-up time 750 steps
Motor power350 W
Max overall dimensions150 x 58 x 51 cm