Product information

Ri-Wrap is a unique product that turns pre-slit paper rolls into a 3D cushioning material with a honeycomb structure. When wrapped with Ri-Wrap, the cells expand to provide comprehensive protection and interlock firmly, eliminating the need for adhesives or tapes. The paper is expanded at the packing point, reducing the need to store large rolls of bubble wrap.

The Ri-Wrap dispenser is an excellent supplement to workstations, allowing operators to dispense and wrap simultaneously and adjust the tension to suit their needs. Ri-Wrap offers exceptional shock absorbency, is strong and won’t deflate during transit.

It’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and suitable for both high and low volume users. The product is easy to install and operate, without the need for scissors or knives.

  • Roll width: 500 mm
  • Roll lenght: 250 meter
  • Paper quality: 80 gr/m2