Ri-Foam Smart bagger

Product information

The Ri-Foam foam-in-place system is designed with ergonomics in mind. This provides a safer and more comfortable operation for the user. Its flip door design allows easy film threading and quick access to the nip rolls.

The system features a long-lasting mixing module that is fast and easy to clean and change. With a 90-degree spindle, the film is loaded properly to ensure optimal performance.

The user-friendly control panel is intuitive and simple to navigate. This makes the Ri-Foam system a convenient and efficient solution for your packaging needs.

This packaging technology enables companies to manage consumable costs better. They can avoid equipment malfunctions causing downtime, as well. Any employee can operate the unit quickly and easily. Ensuring that every package has the appropriate level of protection is simpler. The clients can benefit from state-of-the-art equipment without requiring a significant investment.

The technology behind foam-in-place packaging ensures the highest level of product protection. It simplifies the packing process and increases production. It can reduce or eliminate damage expenses, as well. Further, its compact design optimizes space and cost efficiency and builds consumer confidence.