Permanent lifting magnets for beams, profiles and hot parts

Product information

Permanent magnetic devices are used to lift, move and manipulate steel parts and components. They ensure a safe material transfer and ergonomic material handling of ferrous goods in a large variety of industries and applications.

FX-V Lifting Magnets are geared to particular areas of application in steel, ship and container building. They have a long, slim design for lifting beams and profiles – also inside the beam – and compared with the relatively low material thickness, it reaches a maximum holding force so even thin plates can be lifted safely. Because of the 90° prism, the angle profiles can be lifted safely. While lifting hot flame cuts, the deep prism protects the inserted magnets from the heat. Like all the types of FX, the FX-V has a completely nickel-plated magnetic coil and provides excellent inspection results, even with rough surfaces. The FX-V will be activated by a single stable, smooth running lever. Suitable for handling hot material up to 150° C.

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