Indus Neva

Product information

The Indus Neva Big Bag Handling System is a solution for the safe and efficient handling of big bags. With this system, you can fill your empty big bags while keeping the lifting loops attached to the Indus Neva, ensuring stability and safety.

Easy Transportation

The Indus Neva makes it easy to transport big bags through the warehouse and into trucks using your own equipment. With the ability to stack big bags up to 7 meters or 6 tons, you can maximize your storage space and transport efficiency. For 1m big bags, it is recommended to stack up to 4 levels, while for 2m big bags, stacking up to 3 levels is recommended. The maximum weight per Indus Neva is 1.5 tons.

Discharge through Bottom Deck

The Indus Neva offers a discharge possibility through the bowl-shaped bottom deck. The slide can be opened and closed at any time, allowing you to start and stop the product flow as needed. This feature ensures that you can discharge the contents of the big bags with ease and precision.

Flexible Storage Options

Production peaks and dips are easily absorbed by reducing the storage space of the Indus Neva. This flexibility in storage space is an advantage compared to other solutions, such as metal storage bins. With the Indus Neva, you can adapt to changes in production demand with ease.

The Indus Neva Big Bag Handling System is a reliable and efficient solution for the safe handling of big bags. With its advanced functionalities and flexible storage options, it is an investment that can help you streamline your operations and increase productivity.


Technical specifications

Deck MaterialPolypropylene, 30 kg.
Material other plastic partsPolypropylene / Polyamide
Material stacking/fixation polesGalvanized Steel (optional Stainless Steel, Type 304)
Weight system complete50 kg. for Big Bags of 95x95x105 cm.
56 kg. for Big Bags of 95x95x160 cm.
60 kg. for Big Bags of 95x95x200 cm.
Maximum load capacity1.500 kg. per piece
Maximum load capacity stacked4 high x 1.500 kg.
Operating temperature range -10°C to + 40°C
Tested and certified byIBE-BVI, Sebert
Floor dimensions bottom deck120x120 cm